Benny Perez


As a leading voice in this generation, Pastor Benny Perez is not only known for his preaching, but also for his bold ministry style, his influence in leadership, and his passion to see people become Christ followers. He has also written several leadership books such as MORE:Discovering the God of More When Life Gives Less, BOTH/AND, and Built:Seven Principles of Leaders Who Beat the Odds, Escape Average, and Make a Lasting Impact.

Benny and his wife, Wendy, are also the co-founders of The Church Movement, which began in 2003. After several years of full-time travel, God called them to start a gathering in their home with 27 people. After a short period of time, the growth was so rapid, they began meeting weekly as The Church LV, in South Las Vegas. But, what began as a local church, has now become a movement, touching thousands of people weekly through several campuses including The Church LV, in South Las Vegas, The Church OC, in Irvine, California, The Church LV En Espanol, and The Church Online,.

Early in the development of The Church, Benny wanted to train young leaders to serve the local church and community through an internship program. After experiencing significant growth, he began to develop the program into a Bible Institute, offering full-time and part-time programs with practical experience to train the next generation of leaders to follow Jesus and fulfill His mission. Today, Las Vegas Bible Institute, has over 100 students enrolled, and many graduates have gone on to full-time ministry at The Church Movement campuses, as well as local churches around the globe.

Benny and Wendy live with their children in the Las Vegas Valley.

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