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Hey Pastor Stovall,

My husband and I are new members to your church, and I love it by the way! We drive and hour and a half from Keystone Heights to be there every Sunday. The first Sunday we went and I heard Benny Perez would be preaching I about fell out of my chair with excitement. Let me tell you about my experience with Pastor Benny.

Five years ago when I was 16 I was a cutter, extremely depressed and honestly didn’t want to live anymore. I was at a Branded by Fire conference in a stadium in Pensacola with about 5,000 other teenagers and Pastor Benny preached that night. I remember being in a sea of thousands of teens at the alter begging God if He even cared about me or knew I was still here broken hearted I needed a sign, I didn’t want to live anymore.

At that moment, Pastor Benny said “Wherever Amelia is I need her to make her way to the stage! I’ve been praying for you all the way here”. I ran to the stage bawling and he prayed for exactly what my heart had been breaking about. Thousands of people….and God proved through Pastor Benny that he really did care about me and knew me by name. Since that day I have NEVER cut myself or had another suicidal thought. I still get choked up telling the story, it was life changing! I’ve never been the same since, and of course never had a doubt about the existance of God.

I wanted to officially meet Pastor Benny Friday night but never got the chance. So at least one member of your congregation is familiar with Pastor Benny calling people out lol. If you wouldn’t mind sharing my story with him if you think he’d be interested, I’d appreciate it. I think it’s encouraging with all the negativity to hear about how God used you to completely change someones life. Thanks, =]


You watch watch Pastor Benny Perez’s message from The Awakening Revival HERE. 

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  • jessicah Porras

    The Wakening Revival changed my life. Pastor Benny rocked an amazing message.