God First Goals Made Simple

    Happy New Year! I hope you had a safe and happy New Year’s celebration. Like most people, I am starting this new year with new goals and I am excited about this new year. Goal setting is a great way to reprioritize your life and bring a new sense of order. Maybe you are trying to get into shape, lose a few pounds, spend less money, stick to your budget, or be nicer to your dog. Whatever your goals may be, this is a great time to hit reset and start moving towards the dreams and desires that God has given you.

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    The Best Is Yet To Come!

    I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to 2014! As I look back over this past year, I am amazed at God’s faithfulness in my life and in the life of my family, and my church.

    For some of us, I know it was a difficult year. For others, it was a great year. Whether you had a wonderful year, or a tough one, I have good news for you—the best is yet to come! So, I want to encourage you with one final thought as we cross over into a new year: God is for you. Think about that for just a moment.

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