Are We Under God’s Microscope?

No matter how long you have been a Christ follower, anyone can struggle with condemnation. Condemnation is that feeling of guilt—feeling unworthy of God’s love and grace. I have had struggled with this. Condemnation can make feel separated from God. It can make us think that God is watching to see if we will fail—like […]

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Smoke and Mirrors, Part Three

The phrase “smoke and mirrors” is given to a situation or person who is deceptive. It comes from the time when magicians would use mirrors, smoke, and other techniques to draw the crowd’s attention away from the method of their tricks. They would create a distraction within the trick so the audience would not be […]

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Smoke and Mirrors, Part Two

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Smoke and Mirrors, Part One

While I was preaching this weekend, God gave me an analogy, which I demonstrated to my church holding a compact mirror. As I held the mirror up to my face, I began to describe what I saw—I saw the lines on my face, the flaws in my skin, and that I was tired and my […]

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Men’s Summit at The Church LV

Hey Men! Coming up on March 28th and 29th is our Men’s Summit at The Church LV! This is a men’s gathering with food, a shooting range, contests, gaming, a man cave, and more. This event costs only $10 and is open to all men ages 16 and up. This is one of my favorite […]

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Rows and Circles

I’ve had the privilege of being in ministry for many years and I’ve seen many trends in the church. For most churches, the focus has been on their weekend services. The goal has been to grow the church numerically by making the weekend perfect, with great sermon series, excellent worship, good programs, and a welcoming […]

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